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Who Are We

Put your faith to work and enable your team to flourish

How can you put your faith to work in a constructive and engaging way? Maybe you've wrestled with that question and maybe you've tried different approaches.

At WeAreCompany we believe that there is "a way things were designed to work" and that includes our work, our organisation, our teams and our relationships.

All the tools and approaches we used are built on faith wisdom and faith values.


The MPACT tool is built on an understanding of Ephesians 4 and the five fold gifting of apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd and teacher.


Our relational tool is built an understanding that right at the heart of the universe is a God who is in relationship and who invites us into a life-giving, hope-brining relationship with them. 

Many organisations are re-imagining what it means to be organic, relational, human and to re-create the initial intention of "Company" which means to "break bread together". 


With the WeAreCompany tools you can take your organisation on that journey with language and approaches that they will understand - whatever their faith background - and know that you are building on really solid foundations.

Want to find out how you can put your faith to work, and enable your team to flourish?

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