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Flourishing Teams - Signature Pathway

“The Era of ME is over.  The Era of WE is here.”

Our Flourishing Teams - Signature Pathway is designed to help whole teams to grow the quality, depth and resilience of relationships over time.

We can’t do everything by ourselves, and we shouldn’t try. We were created to live and to work in healthy interdependence with those around us.


When collaboration is hardwired into culture, teams become more creative, innovative, nimble and fruitful. When we shift our focus from ourselves to the team and the relationships that sustain the team, we will experience flourishing beyond our expectations.


Our Flourishing Teams - Signature Pathway brings together assessment tools, relational surveys, individual and team analysis, individual 1:1 coaching, and interactive team sessions. This comprehensi program activates each person’s design and potential, strengthens team relationships and collaboration, enables self-assessment of progress over time, and elevates team performance and flourishing.

Our unique approach benchmarks your team at the beginning of the process and the end, enabling you to demonstrate progress across 13 factors of relational flourishing.


Whilst we tailor the specific approach to each client, our Flourishing Teams - Signature Pathway pathway typically comprises six steps.



In this virtual call, we get everyone on the same page by introducing the journey ahead, providing an overview of the tools we’ll be using, confirming the desired outcomes, and answering everyone’s questions.



Based on academic research, this 10-minute survey measures the condition of team relationships across 13 factors. Gathering this data helps to identify strengths and weaknesses, and informs the best approach and focus for the team sessions.



Using our MPACT assessment and other tools, we clarify and release each person's unique design and strengths. Each team member receives a tailored coaching session to help them interpret and reflect on the assessment results.



We then work with the whole team to help each person understand and appreciate the design, gifts and strengths of all their colleagues. The team learns how each of their colleagues is designed in complementary ways to elevate the overall team.



In this workshop we review the results of the relationships survey to identify priority opportunities to further strengthen the quality and resilience of team relationships. These might include how to: grow empathy, clarify shared purpose; or manage conflict better.



Several months after the coaching and workshops, we’ll use the previous baseline to measure if desired outcomes have been achieved and highlight specifically how the team has been elevated over time.

What does our Relationships Survey measure?

Our Relationships Survey measures the health of your team's relationships through three lenses, in total assessing 13 factors that indicate the quality and resilience of relationships. 

  1. The 3 Foundations for Flourishing Relationships:
    Self Awareness, Social Awareness and Diversity

  2. The 5 Contexts for Flourishing Relationships:
    Alignment, Encounter, Fairness, Knowledge, Storyline

  3. The 5 Marks of Flourishing Relationships:
    Trust, Healthy Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results


We present this analysis to you in your team's own Relational Scorecard.

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