Working Together

We help organisations develop strong connections between their employees, stakeholders and clients. Whether working alongside boards, trustees, teams or partners, our approach to strengthening relationships gives you a roadmap to improve performance and build resilience.

1. Analysis

It all starts with understanding your current position. The Relational Proximity Framework helps you assess the effectiveness and resilience of relationships by looking in detail at the underlying drivers that enable relationships to thrive. We help you get intentional and specific about strengthening relationships within teams, between teams across the organisation, and with external stakeholders and partners.

2. Relational Scorecard

The results of the survey, combined with 20 years of research from the Relationship Foundation, form the basis of your Relational Scorecard. It not only highlights areas requiring attention, but identifies underlying threats to healthy relationships – for example a lack of transparency, consistency or parity. 

3. Framework

We work alongside you to create a tailored framework that strengthens and future-proofs relationships within your organisation. That often looks like a combination of one-on-one work that helps you build relational capacity, team dynamics to strengthen performance, and cultural transformation


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