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Coaches and Facilitators

We love working with coaches and facilitators who get our passion for relationship, for going deep and for measuring impact.

We therefore emphasise community and learning rather than accreditation and training and want to walk with you through the whole of the journey. 

That takes commitment from you and commitment from us - commitment to mutual flourishing and collaboration.

It's how we work with clients and it's how we work with you.

Step 1 : Join the Tribe

Your first step as a coach is to join the Flourishing Teams Tribe. Here you'll find a growing collective of Coaches and facilitators just like you, who are learning, growing and developing together. For a monthly fee you'll get access to basic MPACT equipping, the MPACT tool for 1:1 Coaching, access to resources, webinars and updates and access to part of the Flourishing Teams platform.

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Step 2: Join the Associate Community

Ready to take the next step? Join the monthly Learning Community and access further training and accreditation. Be developed to deliver the Flourishing Teams Starter programme to clients through We Are Company - welcome to the family !

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