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Who Are We

Join the Tribe

Your first step as a coach is to join the Flourishing Teams Tribe. Here you'll find a growing collective of Coaches and facilitators just like you, who are learning, growing and developing together. 

For a monthly fee of £20 you will receive:

  • Monthly updates on MPACT developments

  • A quarterly facilitated call with other coaches and facilitators where you will be able to learn how others are using the MPACT tools, new insights from coaching, resources and materials and to get support knowing that you are not on your own.

  • Access to training on MPACT so that you can deliver MPACT with individual clients. (for an additional fee)

  • Once you are trained on MPACT you will be able to:

  • Deliver MPACT in a 1:1 coaching setting

  • Have access to the MPACT area of the Flourishing Teams platform


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  • LinkedIn
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