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Pursue Governance Purpose & Impact

Most Governance reviews are seen as exercises in "ticking the boxes" to stay compliant. We believe that great governance is about so much more than staying out of jail, staying out of the red and staying out of the papers.

Our Governance reviews focus on increasing the impact of your organisational purpose and cause.

Our unique approach starts with creating a co-owned perspective on the purpose of Governance at your organisation, that in turn leads to great relationships across the Board and a heightened focus on greater impact.

On Your Marks

Governance Purpose

Is your Board crystal clear about its purpose?

We start by co-creating Governance Purpose with your Board, asking the question why do we exist?, and then what's working well and not working well in regard to the fulfilment of that purpose. We then distill the purpose, and align your effectiveness to that goal.

Business Meeting

Governance Relationships

How healthy are your Board relationships?

We then look at relationships across the Board and between the Board and its stakeholders. We enable you to become more intentional about the quality of relationships, with a unique framework to measure the health of them and clear action plans to improve them.

Liquid Drop

Governance Impact

Is your Governance creating the impact you desire for your organisation?

Finally, we work with you to develop a Governance Impact improvement framework that gives you a clear and measurable action plan to deliver greater impact and effectiveness in your governance on an ongoing basis.

What makes us different?

We go wider than standard governance frameworks to understand the true purpose of Governance.

This differs from a traditional board review which would only take an off the shelf definition (not even legally defined) and compare you against it by assessing, reporting and leaving.

These kind of processes don’t engage you as a board, and are purely a review of typical board practices that are perceived to be best practice.

With the We Are Company Board Purpose and Impact process you will become really clear about the purpose of Governance and your role as the Board. We will get you to think about Governance in a way that is contextual to your situation, ethos and history and you will come out with a prioritised improvement plan to realise your aspirations, stronger relationships on the Board and an ongoing framework and tools to help you keep a habit and pattern of reflecting and improving on Board Effectiveness

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Our Features

What will you receive through taking part in the Governance Purpose Review?


Insights Report and Discussion

Following on from semi-structured interviews with each board member and a full documentation review we will distill the learning and produce an in-depth insights report on what is working well, what isn't and where you are focussed as a Board in terms of your Board purpose. We will workshop this with your whole board.


A statement of Board Purpose

We will then produce a statement of Board Purpose which will guide the Board in understanding why we exist and where our focus needs to be sharpened and strengthened.


Relational Survey Results

We will work  work with the whole Board on a relational survey which will highlight in a workshop the strengths of existing relationships and where these can be more intentionally focused on and developed further.


Governance Effectivness Plan

All the threads of the review will then be drawn together into a comprehensive plan of action that will set in motion a continuous development plan for the Board, focussed on purpose, relationships ad effectiveness.

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