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Why Choose WeAreCompany?

01. Breadth and Experience

We have significant senior level (partner/CEO/Board) breadth and experience in governance, leadership, supply chain transformation and organisational development. We're still learning but we have so much to share.

02. Relationship

It’s time to reclaim the original definition of good company: a place where we foster strong personal relationships and fruitful collaboration.

Our own journeys in business, charities and community organisations has led us to the conclusion that organisations flourish when people and relationships thrive. We've experienced it for ourselves - a different reality that puts human flourishing first - and now we want to share it with you.

03. Curating the right combinations

Along the way we've connected with great people who are great company. They've brought out the best in us, and we in them. Now we're able to bring the right people around the table so that we can all bring out the best in you.

04. Clarity in the midst of uncertainty

Our exeternal perspective is a non-anxious presence that can help you bring clarity in the midst of chaos, uncertainty, ambiguity and volatility. We ask the right questions that bring focus, energy and momentum.


We Are....

Andrew Williams

Founder and Director

A big part of my work has always been around delivering transformation value in culture and identity as well as P&L. Whether that was with KPMG, both in the UK and Asia, delivering transformation projects for blue chip organisations or developing strategies for a number of charities.

Alongside Company, I’m also a founding partner at Maisha + Co, a creative collaboration consultancy.


Simon Barrington

Founder and Director

I’m passionate about raising up a generation of leaders who are able to form sustainable, impactful, influential relationships, drawing on my experience as CEO of an International Development organisation for 14 years and as a Senior Manager at a large Telecommunications Company. As well as my work with Company, I lead Forge Leadership Consultancy.

My strengths are in ideation, developing others, strategic thinking, connecting disparate pieces of the jigsaw and activation.

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