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Why Choose WeAreCompany?


Somewhere along the line, businesses have lost sight of the importance of relationships - between colleagues, teams, boards, trustees, suppliers, partners and customers.


It’s time to reclaim the original definition of good company: a place where we foster strong personal relationships and fruitful collaboration.

We help you realise this by creating a system that: assesses and improves the quality and resilience of relationships; and builds a dominant culture that helps relationships to thrive and flourish.


Our own journeys in business, charities and community organisations has led us to the conclusion that organisations flourish when people and relationships thrive. We've experienced it for ourselves - a different reality that puts human flourishing first - and now we want to share it with you.


Andrew Williams

Founder and Director

A big part of my work has always been around delivering transformation value in culture and identity as well as P&L. Whether that was with KPMG, both in the UK and Asia, delivering transformation projects for blue chip organisations or developing strategies for a number of charities.

Alongside Company, I’m also a founding partner at Maisha + Co, a creative collaboration consultancy.


Matthew Frost

Founder and Director

I‘ve always held a deep interest in strategy, and have worked in many contexts helping companies and charities in organisational design and effectiveness. Amongst others, that led from corporate finance with JP Morgan, into the third sector with Medair in Somalia and Afghanistan, and onto management consultants McKinsey & Company.

More recently, I was CEO of Tearfund for 10 years, leading over 1,500 staff globally, before leaving in 2015 to pursue a wider range of interests.


Ceri Harris


Having first trained as a Life Purpose Coach, I have been coaching people in a variety of contexts for almost 10 years. There is nothing more exciting than helping leaders unlock their potential, and see possibilities that had previously alluded them. 

Married to Simon Harris for over 25 years, I have served in local church leadership, working alongside people of all backgrounds. We have four children moving into adulthood.


Simon Barrington

Founder and Director

I’m passionate about raising up a generation of leaders who are able to form sustainable, impactful, influential relationships, drawing on my experience as CEO of an International Development organisation for 14 years and as a Senior Manager at a large Telecommunications Company. As well as my work with Company, I lead Forge Leadership Consultancy.

My strengths are in ideation, developing others, strategic thinking, connecting disparate pieces of the jigsaw and activation.

We Are....


Our methodology is built on the Relational Proximity Framework developed by the Relationship Foundation. For the last 25 years, the foundation has explored different ways in which public policy, organisations, and individual behaviour shape the relationships that influence the wellbeing of individuals and communities.

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