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What gets measured gets done

How do you know that your team is flourishing?

How do you know that the relationships are strong and healthy?

Can you be intentional about measuring the health and sustainability of your teams relationships, flourishing and performance?

We couldn't find a way of doing this, so we created one - based on world class research over decades, and real-life testing.

The Relational Scorecard

The Relational Scorecard measures the health of your teams relationships across three lenses and 13 factors.


The Foundations for flourishing : Self Awareness, Social Awareness and Diversity

The Context for flourishing : Alignment, Encounter, Fairness, Knowledge, Storyline

The Marks of flourishing : Trust, Challenge, Commitment, Accountability and Results.

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Demonstrable outcomes

We don't leave you guessing about whether the programmes we deliver work. Our tested interventions move the dial on the core factors that are stopping your team flourishing. And we measure it.

Before and After.

Flourishing Teams Outcomes:

  • Help team members improve self-awareness and social-awareness 

  • Elevate team relationships and collaboration across a diverse workforce 

  • Build a culture that increases empathy and appreciation for others 

  • Equip leaders with a replicable team-building model 

  • Increase your engagement and retention 

  • Motivate your team to achieve the right results 

  • Realign everyone around your common goals 

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