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Who Are We

Flourishing Teams in Health and Social care

We believe everything in health and social care will work better when relationships are healthy.


Indeed, all of the technical aspects of health and social care occur in the context of human relationships, which means they work better when we tend to relationships.


Healthy relationships are formed when healthcare professionals consistently attune to one another, wonder with and about one another, follow the cues provided by one another, and hold one another with respect and dignity.

Increasingly this means enabling better team working, better partnership working and more integrated care.

The WeAreCompany Flourishing Teams programmes are designed to meet the relational needs of teams in Integrated Care Boards, Alliances and Senior Teams in hospitals and GP partnerships, by:

  • Helping team members improve self-awareness and social-awareness 

  • Elevating team relationships and collaboration across a diverse workforce 

  • Building a culture that increases empathy and appreciation for others 

  • Equipping leaders with a replicable team-building model 

  • Increasing your staff engagement and retention 

  • Motivating your team to achieve the right results 

  • Realigning everyone around your common goals 


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