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Who Are We

Maximising relationships for the success of your professional services business

In professional services, building successful relationships is not just important; it’s vital.


The outcome of an entire project can hinge on the strength of your relationship with a client and the relationships on the team that is client-facing.

But how do you know that your relationships are strong, that teams are flourishing and able to meet the demands and challenges of delivery in high pressure environments?

Do you go on guess work, or intuition? On feedback loops or employee engagement surveys?

We think that there's a better way to get intentional about measuring and improving the health and quality of all your relationships so that you're organisation can flourish.

We've developed unique tools that measure the health and quality of relationships across your professional services business against 13 factors, such as commitment, accountability, trust and results, and then gives you practical, actionable items to improve and develop and increase your teams ability to deliver results.

We call it Flourishing Teams.

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