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"I am because we are"


What we offer

We help organisations to grow strong and fruitful relationships between their employees.

Whether working with boards or frontline employees, we use innovative, research-based tools that help teams to flourish in their work together, and to review their progress over time.


Activating relational capacity in this way strengthens staff engagement, client satisfaction and organisational performance.

What makes us unique

We believe that “I am because we are”

We cannot exist in isolation. We depend on connection, community, mutuality. Simply put, we cannot thrive without each other. Living out this philosophy in our organisations requires a conscious shift in how we think about ourselves, about others, and about our relationships

We put relationships at the heart of organisations

All our interventions are built on research and study into what enables individuals to thrive and relationships to flourish. We incorporate the best and most current thinking into the design of our tools and services. 

We measure the impact

Measurement is embedded in everything we do. Our tools allow you to analyse the underlying enablers of flourishing teams and chart progress and improvement over time.

We go deeper

We're not satisfied with superficial solutions that paper over the cracks that exist in our relationships. For teams to flourish, we need to go as deep as is necessary to spotlight the underlying factors that either hold back relationships or have the potential to bring transformation.

Our Flourishing Teams Services

We work with you to chart a pathway on which individuals are freed to be their best selves and teams are empowered to relate authentically and fruitfully.

Flourishing Teams - Starter Pathway

Using our MPACT assessment and 1:1 coaching, we help individuals to understand their unique design and identity and to draw on this to elevate and strengthen their team.

Flourishing Teams - Signature Pathway

Working with the whole team, we help each individual to understand their unique design and identity and to draw on this to elevate and strengthen their colleagues.

We then work with the whole team to help each person understand: all the factors that help and hinder thriving relationships and flourishing teams; how to draw on the diversity of colleagues to elevate the team; and how to measure and assess progress over time.

Flourishing Teams




present participle: flourishing


1. (of a living organism) grow or develop in a healthy way, especially as the result of a particularly congenial environment.


 “We would not be 

where we are today 

without this program. 

Relationships, collaboration, 

& business results are 

at new levels.” 

Pat Molyneaux

Molyneaux Home

Ready to find out more?

We are better together, and we enjoy nothing better than connecting with you and hearing your story. 

Reach out today for a call and let's explore the future together.

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